Our locations

Pikatron was founded in Usingen in the Taunus. Even today, the largest location is the headquarters of the Pikatron Group in Usingen. The other five locations have been created through acquisitions and start-ups in the course of our history. And since the people behind these products are ultimately decisive for smart products of high quality, we give these people a workplace close to their places of residence.

The Pikatron Group currently operates five locations in Germany (Usingen, Rasdorf, Wuppertal, Lauchringen and Amt Creuzburg) and one overseas production facility in the Czech Republic (Pisek). Our locations are very closely networked with each other, which guarantees an extremely high level of reliability for our customers.


Headquater Usingen

Pikatron GmbH
Raiffeisenstraße 10, 61250 Usingen

+49 6081-583-0, info@pikatron.de

Location Amt Creuzburg

trafowerk Creuzburg
Branch of Pikatron GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 84, 99831 Amt Creuzburg

+49 36926-944-0, info@trafowerk-creuzburg.de

Location Haan (formerly Wuppertal)

tesch emc
Branch of Pikatron GmbH
Bergische Straße 16, 42781 Haan

+49 202 429264 0, info@tesch-emc.de

Location Rasdorf

Establishment of Pikatron GmbH
In der Vockenbach 3, 36169 Rasdorf

+49 6651 919582, info@pikatron.de

Location Lauchringen

habermann trafo
Branch of Pikatron GmbH
Siemensstraße 10, 79787 Lauchringen

+49 7741 6800 0, info@habermann-trafo.de

Location Písek

Pikatron CZ s.r.o.
Dukelská 423, 397 01 Písek