Pikatron Group - Customized power electronics from a single source

Pikatron was founded 1974 in Usingen in the Taunus. We develop and manufacture exclusively customer-specific electromagnetic components, devices and systems - in other words, customer-specific power electronics from a single source - with around 500 employees.

In addition to high product quality, we also want to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit through flexible response to their scheduling and logistical needs. The aim is to work in partnership since the development process - both with our customers and our suppliers.

The choice is yours: We would like to start our collaboration with ...

...your first idea

You have an exciting idea - for example, removing weeds with high voltage - and we will take care of the technical implementation. Development and production from a single source.

... a development

If you need a customer-specific product, we will examine your requirements together and develop and produce the solution for your task.

... a contract production

Do you have a finished set of drawings and are you looking for a contract manufacturer for winding goods, EMC filters or devices? Even without prior development, we are happy to help you with production.

... a catalog product

You need a catalog product from our power electronics portfolio: UL transformers, UL EMC filters, brake choppers or frequency converters. Please feel free to contact us about adjustments to these products.

Whether for self-developed products or for contract manufacturing for you: We make design-to-cost suggestions to you during the life of the product and try to optimize the products together with you in order to conserve resources and keep your products in line with the market. What we don't do: We don't carry out pure contract development because our business model primarily involves production in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Components, assemblies, devices & systems

We offer you 50 years of experience in the development and manufacture of customer-specific winding goods, EMC filters, frequency converters and power supplies. You can benefit from this comprehensive experience in practically all areas of application in the electrical industry - from medical technology to security technology.

Our added value for you

We offer you exactly those aspects in the areas of product range, services, quantities and dimensions that will help you and your products to be successful. From the individual component to the power supply, from pure production to the complete package, from individual items to large series and from very small to very large.

Product range

Customized solutions from a single source
Components, assemblies, devices, systems and plants


All services from a single source
Development, production, testing, logistics and service


Required quantities at the desired date
Samples, single pieces, small series and large series


Micro to mega in many dimensions
measurements, powers, voltages, currents, ...

News from the Pikatron Group

The sun is shining for Pikatron

We are very pleased that the inverters have now been installed and our new PV system has been successfully connected at the Usingen location. With this sustainable investment and now a total of 260 kWp, we are sending a strong signal for environmental protection and the use of renewable energies. The PV system will not only reduce our energy costs,…

Boys'Day – insights into the Pikatron administration

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, it will be nationwide Boys' Day again.
True to the motto “Cliché-free career and study choices for everyone,” we look forward to welcoming young, ambitious boys to give them an in-depth insight into everyday working life in administration as well as other varied tasks in our numerous company divisions. If you are…

Pikatron for Freedom & Democracy

In 1966, the UN General Assembly proclaimed March 21 as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Pikatron is also sending a clear signal for freedom and democracy and against discrimination, populism and hate speech. In addition to the banner shown, which is hung at all of our locations, we have also committed ourselves…