tae propulsion technology

Welcome to the new website of the Pikatron Group. You came to us via the domain www.tae-antriebstechnik.de. On our new website, we combine all brands of the Pikatron Group in a clear way to make it even easier for you to find us.

Our spectrum

Under the brand tae propulsion technology, the Pikatron Group develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality products in the field of drive technology. With over forty years of experience, we offer a standard range of drive solutions, but are also happy to develop a customized solution for your application. Your wish is our drive.

In addition, you will find many other products from the Pikatron Group in the menu that may also be of interest to you. Just get in touch with us.

Our figurehead

Gernot Pankratz, product manager

"We do not primarily sell motors and converters, but solutions. Tailored to your requirements, we offer everything from a single source, from planning to commissioning. Even after erecting a plant, we do not leave you alone and offer you comprehensive service. Your wish is our drive!"

Our brand

Origin of the brand tae propulsion technology

tae propulsion technology was founded in 1980 by Karl Korn, an entrepreneur from Wehrheim. Since 2011, tae propulsion technology has been part of the Pikatron Group. Our most important products include universal inverters and thyristor controllers for the regulation and control of electric motors, DC and servo motors and brake choppers for the defined conversion of electrical energy into heat. The extremely powerful cool-torque motors as highly efficient energy savers with high efficiency and low power consumption also fit in with the current energy-saving discussion.

Typical products of the brand tae propulsion technology

  • Universal inverters
  • Thyristor controller
  • Brake chopper
  • (A-)Synchronous motors
  • Cool-torque motors
  • Magnetic actuators
  • Control cabinet construction
  • Regenerative units
  • ...