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Frequency inverters are special AC/AC converters that are used to operate motors. Depending on the motor principle and the automation task, the requirements for the frequency inverters vary. Our inverter series offers you a suitable solution for all applications. The drive portfolio is rounded off by brake choppers for DC link limitation or regenerative units to return the energy generated in generators to the grid.

Universal inverter

With our U-Drive series we have developed frequency inverters for you, with which you can control all common three-phase motors such as servo, brushless DC, AC synchronous, torque, linear and AC asynchronous motors. Different power classes in handy gradation and various expansion possibilities starting with different encoder systems up to I/O expansion cards characterize the series as a universal genius. With customizable software modules, we help you to create an individually tailored drive system. Its characteristics, such as high power density and overall efficiency with an above-average power factor (lambda>0.95), not only make it stand out as an environmentally friendly device, but also save you money over the entire life of the system. The production in our headquarters in Usingen guarantees high quality, which also meets your requirements in terms of reliability and durability. In combination with one of our motors, you receive a coordinated drive package with very short commissioning times. By means of the user-friendly operator software, which is provided free of charge, and the plain-text based manual control unit PG4001, each inverter can be parameterized very easily.

Technical specifications

Power: 1 kW ... 300 kW
Current: 1,5 A ... 1 kA
Voltage: 200 V ... 480 VAC
Clock frequency: 1 kHz ... 12 kHz
Control modes: current (50 µs) and speed (200 µs) with and without feedback
Ambient temperature: 0 °C ... 40 °C
Humidity: up to 90%
Motor types: Servo, brushless DC, AC synchronous, AC, torque and linear motors.



  • Housing: IP 20 sheet steel housing
  • Options: different encoder systems, like magnetic and optical incremental encoders, SinCos Endat or Hiperface resolvers are possible
  • Extensions: Digital and analog expansion card
  • Fieldbus systems: Profibus, CANopen, MODBus RTU
  • IP systems: All common Ethernet-based bus systems
  • Service: Numerous software modules individually adaptable

Fields of application

The applications of our U-Drives (inverters) include extrusion lines (e.g. film, sheets, profiles, pipes, blow molding machines, food, pasta/snacks), winders (e.g. textile, plastic or paper with dancer or torque control, center or circumferential winder), traction and lifting drives (e.g. hoists, cranes, high-bay warehouses, elevators), pumps, fans and ventilators (e.g. sewage treatment plants, cooling towers, compressors) and other applications (e.g. conveyor belts, tube lines, knitting and weaving machines, felting machines, machine tools, power plants for electricity generation, glass and rock wool production, shredders, mills). If standard solutions do not meet your requirements 100%, e.g. in terms of efficiency, parameterization, longevity... do not meet your requirements 100%, our converters are used.

Thyristor controller

Our thyristor controllers are ideally suited for operating DC motors.

Technical specifications

Power: 0.5 kW ... 200 kW
Voltage: 230V 1/3 Ph and 400/460 V
Ambient temperature: 0 °C ... 40 °C
Humidity: up to 90%



  • Operating mode: 1Q and 4Q
  • Design: Robust analog technology
  • Options: With tachometer control or armature voltage control

Fields of application

The applications of our thyristor controllers range from mechanical engineering (e.g. extrusion plants, pumps ) to traffic engineering (e.g. traction drives). They are always used when standard solutions (e.g. robustness, availability, adjustability) are not good enough for your application.

Brake chopper

Brake choppers are used to prevent the DC link voltage in a frequency inverter from rising above a maximum value. In this process, the excess energy (e.g. overrun of a drive) is switched to a load resistor in a clocked manner. This automated switching is done by our brake choppers. The variants BC2.1, BC3.1 and BC4.1 or BC2.2, BC3.2 and BC4.2 are available with the following features:


  • Modern IGBT technology, with short circuit monitoring
  • Simple connection, no adjustments necessary
  • Compact sizes
  • Robust metal housing, optimum EMC compatibility (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Emergency stop possible even in the event of a power failure, as the control electronics are supplied from the DC bus

The brake units require no control voltage and are easy to install. LEDs signal the operating status.

Technical specifications

Power: 5.5 kW ... 375 kW
Voltage: 200 ... 440 VDC and 450 ... 800 (1000) VDC
Ambient temperature: 0 °C ... 40 °C
Humidity: up to 90%


  • Housing: IP 20 sheet steel housing
  • Display: Operation, error and ready display by means of LED
  • Features: Minimum voltage ripple on the DC link (< 10 V) when the brake chopper is active.
  • Options: Parallel or series connection of the trigger signal by means of master/slave function, ready as well as chopper active via optocoupler output, disable output stage as well as trigger signal via optocoupler input
  • 800V DC (BCx.1) or 1200 V DC (BCx.2) available

Fields of application

The applications of our brake choppers range from crane applications and travel drives to centrifuges. They are always used when standard solutions (e.g. adjustability, long-term stability) do not meet your requirements.


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Regenerative unit

The regenerative systems are suitable for all types of energy sources where a generated current is to be fed back into the power grid. For example, also with our high-efficiency cool-torque generators. We ensure optimum efficiency and reliable operation through careful design and selection of high-quality components. Regenerative units can be a more favorable alternative to braking choppers in the long term, because the surplus energy can be put to good use.

Technical specifications

Power: 3 kW ... 180 kW
Power factor: cos phi = 1
Voltage range: 200 VAC ... 480 VAC
Clock frequency: 8 kHz ... 12 kHz



  • Connection: single phase and three phase
  • Features: Mains voltage adaptable according to specification
  • Fieldbus interfaces: Profibus, CANopen, MODbus RTU
  • IP interfaces: All common Ethernet-based bus systems

Fields of application

The applications of our regenerative units range from hydropower to lifting systems. They are used whenever standard solutions (e.g. power factor, parameterization, efficiency) are not good enough for your application.


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Other inverters

In addition to the inverters and accessories shown, the Pikatron Group also offers many other types. In some cases, only the terms differ, but in others these are genuine special cases for which we can, of course, also help you. In all probability we can also help you with discontinued inverters including accessories of other manufacturers, if your application does not allow a fundamental renewal. But also for the update of your complete application we are at your disposal. Just contact us.




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