Pikatron Inductive Ideas

Welcome to the new website of the Pikatron Group. You came to us via the domain www.pikatron.de. On our new website, we combine all brands of the Pikatron Group in a clear way to make it even easier for you to find us.

Our spectrum

With our brand "pikatron inductive ideas" the Pikatron Group develops, manufactures and supplies electromagnetic components and assemblies for all areas of industry - from SMD miniature transformers and high-voltage transformers to antennas for article surveillance systems. Customised inductors. From one piece.

In addition, you will find many other products from the Pikatron Group in the menu that may also be interesting for you. Just get in touch with us.

Our figurehead

Dr.-Ing. Felix Henschke, technical manager

"Our goal: Customized inductive components and systems. With our know-how and years of experience we support you in the development. High quality and flexible manufacturing make us a reliable partner for our customers."

Our brand

Origin of the brand pikatron inductive ideas

The pikatron brand or rather the company was founded on April 10, 1974 by Jürgen Klein with three other shareholders Werner Pinternagel, Graf von und zu Arco Zinneberg and Harry Palau in Usingen in the Taunus region. The name pikatron was derived from the initials of the founders. Today's Pikatron Group has evolved from this origin through acquisitions and its own growth.

Typical products of the brand pikatron inductive ideas

  • HV transformers
  • Safety transformers
  • Coils & Chokes
  • (Audio) Transformers
  • High Frequency Converters
  • Current & Instrument Transformers
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Antennas & RFID
  • ...