Trafowerk Creuzburg

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Our spectrum

With our brand trafowerk Creuzburg, the Pikatron Group primarily develops, manufactures and supplies transformers and chokes in all designs and core plate qualities. Customized transformers, transformers, switched-mode power supply converters, sensors and special components can be manufactured with a high degree of automation.

In addition, you will find many other products from the Pikatron Group in the menu that may also be of interest to you. Just get in touch with us.

Our figurehead

Andreas Gläser, location manager

"We face up to your questions and wishes. State-of-the-art calculation programs are used to develop electromagnetic components according to your information and specifications. Our technicians accompany you from the laboratory sample to series production."

Our brand

Origin of the brand trafowerk Creuzburg

The origins of the Creuzburg transformer plant lie in a company founded in Berlin in 1924, which was primarily active in the broadcasting industry. Since 1944, wound goods have been developed and manufactured at the Creuzburg site. Pikatron took over the transformer plant in 1991, built a new company building and continues to produce customer-specific electromagnetic components there.

Typical products of the brand trafowerk Creuzburg

  • Print transformers
  • Mains transformers
  • Toroidal transformers
  • Toroidal chokes
  • Isolating transformers
  • Switching power supply transformers
  • Baking varnish coils
  • Inrush current limiters
  • ...